My first friend, Frank Celenza, has his own fabulous show called “Frankie Cooks” (!!!). He recently one an Emmy (!!!!!!!!!) AND my uncle recently saw his ad on a subway (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It’s been a banner month for my good friend. Before he becomes huge, become an early adaptor and check him out on Wednesday nights, 9:30 PM on NYC life

In a world where Olivia is tired, she makes some ice coffee. She may also eat a little bit of a bagel, because she happens to be hungry as well. That bagel may get dunked in her ice coffee, even though that’s disgusting. She happens to like the way moistened bread tastes and no one else is around to see her be gross. Will Olivia lick her bagel plate once the pastry is done? Or will she put it in the dishwasher and sacrifice the delicious, remnant soggy crumbs in exchange for a shred of dignity?


Camila, the girl who stole your man at the bar #smilefaceshow

Today I got to dress up as Molly Ringwald a.k.a. More fun with Melody as we shoot #TheSmileFaceShow

sum silliness with Melody Rose-Vendrell #onset #SmileFaceShow

Attention LA. You’ve had a lot of Weather Victories this year, but we won this round, My Friend
::drops the mic::


…now that’s just cheating #Passover

Okay guys. This poster says Godzilla’s coming May 16th. We’ve been given plenty of heads up - don’t TELL me you didn’t have time time to pack an emergency bag