someone took two of my favorite things and made them into my least favorite thing #pumpkinspice #gum #treason

do it!

OMG! Branch! #Brunch

Today is the German Day Parade. I walked out of my apartment, saw the floats and regalia, and immediately tried to come up with a joke for Instagram. Here’s how that internal writers pitch went;
“The German Day Parade! I haven’t seen this much schnitzel since… uhhh” #fail #saturday #SteubenDay

fly like a buddafly #themorningpositive

saw this on my walk to work. I dig it #loveyourselfwednesdays ?? #fashion #inspiration #beyou

New York looks like jewelry in the rain. Looking forward to that hot cup of coffee ☕️😁 #rain #tuesday #nyc

Pumpkins! 🙆 #Hamptons (Hampkins?)

Throwback to the days I could fit into such accoutrement #RalphLaurenKids #tbt #backtoschool !!!!!

Joanie, Baby. You were pretty great. You will always be great. You showed the world that women could stand-up and do their thing. You shouldered a lot of the hard work that myself and other girls in my generation have benefited from. Not only that, you taught me what not to wear. I miss you already, but I know your Home must be an amazing (and funny) place. Rest up, and come back soon.