Yet another @classickeller original - you’re looking at a handmade greeting card with (my favorite) a butterfly. Thank you Aunt Judy for the incredibly thoughtful and one of a kind gift :D #Hallmark, step aside

out running errands with @jessicalkeller. I love having a cousin!

A wall of books! Fabulous windows by #Hermes

My building is under construction, and they’ve stripped our staircase of rugging (is that a word?). I know this staircase is incomplete, but I think it’s fascinating; a nice reminder for me that even a work in progress can be beautiful.

such a gentle night

I know this is a Belgian word, but “tafelen” makes me think of #roshashana. I’m not Jewish, but it’s still one of my favorite holidays and I’ll be celebrating this evening with friends who’ve adopted me as an honorary Jew. Tonight, I’m excited to gather around the table and enjoy wholesome food with great company

someone took two of my favorite things and made them into my least favorite thing #pumpkinspice #gum #treason

do it!

OMG! Branch! #Brunch

Today is the German Day Parade. I walked out of my apartment, saw the floats and regalia, and immediately tried to come up with a joke for Instagram. Here’s how that internal writers pitch went;
“The German Day Parade! I haven’t seen this much schnitzel since… uhhh” #fail #saturday #SteubenDay